Why Is Branding Important & Can You Overstate the Importance of Branding?

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What is brand identity? 


It’s simply the shorthand statement of who you are and what you can do for someone. When you find a way to sum up your company’s entire promise of what it will be like to work with you and what’s in it for them into a few short emotional words, you’ve found your brand.

Simple, right? So why is branding important, then?  Why are we even talking about it, if it’s that basic? 

Because, frankly, a lot of people have a hard time doing those two things. A lot of companies cannot succinctly and interestingly tell you what they do, who they do it for and why they do it. They just can’t. It’s as if this whirlpool of nuance and details begins swirling at their feet churning up mud until the waters are so dark nobody can see through them. And what happens when something is difficult? 

People don’t do it. They give up.

However, even though branding seems simple and seems like something you can do later when you have the time for it, I want you to think hard about what you stand to gain by getting it right and doing it now. A branding machine that is true, defined and humming along will carry your business to that next level. It impacts so much more than just sales. A good brand will reshape how you, your employees, your customers and your investors think about your company.

A good brand communicates a clear story. 

Companies with clear stories are valued higher by customers and investors. Companies with clear stories have employees who understand what they do and why they do it. Companies with clear stories are able to move people’s emotions, which is key to moving sales. People want to work for companies who do great things and great things are only great if they’re understood clearly and simply.

Put all that together and you have the potential to drive real money into your company. After all, as we’ve said before, nobody buys what they don’t understand.